With 30+ years experience in yardwork, our focus is on low maintenance yards. Our number-one goal is making your landscape easier for you to maintain year by year. Chris has been through the WSU Master Gardener Program, Arborist programs, and has been the general manager for a major music festival on the peninsula for 7 years.

We are experienced pruners, excellent weeders, and great at renovating yards. We identify plants and what plants need for water and fertilization and provide it. We can help make your existing landscape manageable and repair hardscapes that no longer work. We work towards reducing cost, reusing materials and plants already there, and showing you the maintenance you can perform.

Antique fruit tree pruning and heritage pruning are a specialty. Espallier, raised beds, and living fences available.

Yard waste hauled away, driveways and walkways cleared. We use organic or standard methods for weeding and feeding yards.

We provide individuals or teams from our family of one to six people to fit your needs; weekly weeding or maintenance is available, depending on the job, and our schedule is flexible, to work with your schedule.

The phone call is free, the estimate is free, the advice is free, and the work is excellent. Call for an appointment early in the season, as our schedule gets fuller as the days lengthen.